Welcome to the Vintage Bride blog

I have always been fascinated by women’s fashions through the ages, especially wedding dresses. I hope to share this fascination with you and introduce you to some bridal fashions worn by actual brides.

Wedding dress history by Kathleen York

Depending on your knowledge of fashion history, some of the dresses you will see may not look as you would expect. This blog may turn out to be an education for you, as well as entertainment. Hopefully it will give you plenty of ideas about bridal veils and headpieces, bouquets and flowers, and wedding dress styles that you can use. You may even decide that you want a wedding gown with a vintage look after being inspired by actual dresses. Come back to enjoy the adventure and be inspired.

All of the vintage photos you will see are from the private collection of Kathleen York, not from a museum, so feel free to post them to Pinterest.

New articles with vintage photos will be posted on a regular basis, so be sure to FOLLOW the blog so you can continue to enjoy the brides. Tell your friends too.

If you want to find out more about American Bridal Fashions, 1900 to 1950, you can purchase the book and enjoy all the vintage bridal gowns and veils.

Want your own historically-inspired Wedding Gown?

Want a wedding dress in a vintage style? Contact me at kayork@wowway.

Like modern vintage fashions?

If you are interested in modern vintage fashions, check out The House of York on Etsy.

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