Late 1930s Wedding Gown

A photo of a 1920s bride on the left in a dress similar to the actual 1920s vintage cream satin wedding dress on the right
The bride in the left photo is wearing a dress similar to the vintage wedding gown on the right

During the mid-1920s, women’s dresses became shapeless cylinders slipped over the head, with no closings. The drawing is a good example of what was fashionable during that time. The beauty of the fabric was the focus, not decoration or shape.

The 1920s “Boy-Look” Shape

A cream satin wedding gown with a straight cylinder shape, long sleeves, and slightly flaring skirt.
This wedding dress has the straight up and down look

The look was a “boy-look” shape. Women with womanly bodies had to bind their busts to flatten them to achieve the look. There was little definition between the front and back of a dress. This bridal gown demonstrates that straight up and down look.

If you have read the 10 Wedding Ideas from Vintage Brides ebook, you would know that this dress is a Rectangle shape. You can see how this shape compares to the other bridal dress shapes in the ebook.

Close up photo of front of cream satin wedding dress showing the three diagonal tucks on the side of the top near the bust line.
Three shaping tucks on the side of the bodice

Both the front and back of this dress have 3 tucks on the side near the bustline, presumably for some kind of shaping.


Close up of cream satin wedding gown with deep V neckline front.
V-neckline in front with shaping darts on the side

This wedding dress of ecru (cream) colored satin has a deep V-neckline in front and long straight sleeves.

Godets Make Up the Skirt

Triangular pieces called Godets sewed to the top of the dress make up the slightly flared skirt.
Triangular pieces called “Godets” make up the skirt

The skirt is made of triangular pieces called “godets.” You can see that the points are sewed to the long upper part of the dress, and then sewed to each other to create the fullness of the skirt. The triangle in the center-front is attached closer to the waistline than the side and back godets. Godets were used a lot during the early 1930s to add shape to a skirt or bottom of a dress.

Back of Bridal Gown

Close up of back of cream satin wedding gown with three horizontal fabric strips sewed across the deep V neckline.
Three fabric strips hold the back V-neck together

The back of this bridal gown has a very deep “V” with horizontal fabric strips. You can also see the three shaping darts at the side.

Back view of cream satin 1920s straight wedding gown with slightly less full godetsn making the skirt.
Back of 1920s Wedding Gown is shaped much like the front

There is so little variation between the front and back that it is hard to determine which is which. This difficulty is very common with dresses from that time. I read an article about fashion curators at Kent State University Fashion Museum who had this problem when trying to display some 1920s dresses on mannequins. Luckily when I found this dress it had satin fabric flowers at the point of the front V-neckline. Those fabric flowers were in storage when this dress was photographed.

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