1920 Bride and Bridesmaids

Bride and 4 bridesmaids with bouquets
1920s Bride & Bridesmaids

Here’s a group of bridesmaids with a bride from the mid-1920s. I’m showing you more 1920s dresses because the fashion designers were very creative during that decade.

Bridal Dress & Headpiece

The bride's headpiece of a wire frame supporting a net fabric with lace edges frames her face.
Bride’s headpiece

We can’t see much of the bride’s dress because of her bouquet, but the bottom of her skirt is little points and there appear to be sequins scattered on it. What stands out on this bride is her headpiece. It is made of a wire frame that supports a net fabric with lace on the edges. It’s almost like a turned-up brim of a hat. Her long veil is attached to the back of this headpiece. Typical of the 1920s, the dress is short but the veil is very long to create the bridal train.

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Bridesmaids' dresses and skirts are all different and end just below the knees.

It’s hard to see the tops of the bridesmaids’ dresses, but their skirts show the wide range of skirts in fashion at that time. Starting from the left, bridesmaid #1’s skirt is gathered to a dropped waistline. There is a sheer layer with a scalloped hem. There are sequins on top of a base fabric, also with a scalloped hem.

Bridesmaid #2 has a softly gathered skirt with a straight hem. We can’t see very much of it. Bridesmaid #3 has a full gathered skirt attached to a dropped waistline. It has horizontal bands of a shiny taffeta on a sheer fabric, so you can see the fabric underneath.

Bridesmaid #4’s skirt is a combination of shiny satin bands on a crepe material. The skirt starts at a dropped waistline with a wide satin gathered band decorating the waistline. The skirt has 2 gathered layers with a wide satin band on the edge.

Bridesmaid Headpiece

Bridesmaid's headdress of wide white band around her head with large net puff on the right side of her head.
Bridesmaid’s headdress

All 4 bridesmaids are wearing bands with a net puff on the side. We can tell that this is later in the 1920s than the bridesmaids in the previous article. In the early 20s, they wore their head bands horizontally, just above the eyebrows. These bridesmaids are wearing their bands off the face. Also, the skirt lengths for all 5 women is shorter than in the previous blog. By the mid-1920s, skirt lengths had come up to below the knee, up from just above the ankle.

Bridal Bouquet

Bride's bouquet of white flowers and large fern fronds.
Brides flowers

The bride’s flowers appear to be white. Her bouquet has thin ribbons hanging down. The bouquets that the bridesmaids are carrying appear to be a combination of roses and some other large flowers, along with greens and fern fronds.

Bridesmaids’ Bouquets

Bridesmaid's large bouquets of large flowers and greens and fern fronds.
Bridesmaids’ flowers

The bridesmaids’ bouquets have long net ribbon bows and streamers.

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2 thoughts on “1920 Bride and Bridesmaids

  1. In the late 1950s my friend Ludmila showed me her mother’s wedding picture, with a beautiful traditional headdress that was part tiara and part a face-framing semicircle several inches high. I tried to find you an example, but when you search for “Russian bride” in the modern world you don’t get vintage wedding outfits! But the influence of Russian costume on Bakst and the ballet designs of the early 20th century may have influenced wedding attire…. This image gives you the idea: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/bc/8e/f1/bc8ef185c02339dd4414d3204f616a0c.jpg


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