Early 1920s Wedding Party

Late 1920s Wedding party of Bride, Groom, two Bridesmaids. Best Man and a little girl ring bearer
Late 1920s Wedding Party

This time we have a whole wedding party from the late 1920s for you to enjoy. This group shows the kinds of dresses being worn by the bridesmaids, little girl ring bearer, as well as the bride, at that time.

Bridal Gown

Bride with large bouquet of small white flowers, a large fluffy net bridal cap and little girl ring bearer.
Bride & Girl Ring Bearer

The bride’s sleeveless dress, with a scoop neckline, appears to be made of a soft, silky crepe with 2 beaded panels that end at the waistline forming a deep “V” on her bodice. From the styles of dress popular at that time, the plain, barely full skirt, was softly gathered at the waist, and ending at about mid-calf.

If you have read the FREE 10 Wedding Ideas from Vintage Brides ebook, you would know that this dress is a Triangular shape. Later in the 1920, the dress shape changed to the Rectangular dress shape. You can see how this shape compares to other bridal dress shapes in the ebook.

Bridal Headdress & Veil

Brides headdress of a net circle gathered around the edges to form a poof and edged with greenery with veil attached at back.
1919 Bride’s Headdress & Veil

The bride’s headpiece sits low on her head, reflecting the popular style of hats at that time, which came down to just above the eyebrows. The headpiece consists of a netting circle gathered around the edges to form a poof and edged in a band of greenery with small wax flower buds. A gathered piece of veil netting forms a stand-up ruffle in the front of the poof. The long plain net veil is attached at the back of the headdress and forms a train. As the wedding dresses got shorter and less full during the 1920s, the veils tended to get longer and fill-in as the train which had been part of the skirt in earlier styles.

Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquet with many white flowers and small flowers tied to  ribbons hanging down from bouquet.
Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is a large grouping of white roses and white statis, surrounded by soft green ferns. The large “waterfall” of ribbons, with flowers and ferns tied on at intervals, droops from the bouquet and must have reached almost to the floor when she walked down the aisle. As wedding gowns got plainer and shorter in the 1920s, the bouquets got larger and extravagant, covering more and more of the bride.

Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Bridesmaid on left with large hat, chiffon dress with square neckline and slightly gathered skirt and  bouquet of long stemmed flowers.
Bridesmaid on left

The 2 bridesmaids are wearing 2 different styles of dresses, probably in the same pastel color. The bridesmaid on the left wears a dress with a square neckline. The dress appears to be made of a thin chiffon layer over a silky fabric. The bodice has short chiffon sleeves. The gathered chiffon skirt ends at a petal-like hemline created by gathering the bottom up at intervals and topping the gathers with a soft fabric flower. This must have given the hemline a flowing look as she walked.

This bridesmaid’s hat is a broad brimmed felt with a large concoction of feathers and flowers on it. The way this hat sits low on her head, just above her eyebrows, was typical of the time. Her large bouquet is made up of large, long-stemmed flowers that might be chrysanthemums.

Bridesmaid on  right with large hat and dress with square neckline, 2 layer skirt, shawl and bouquet of long stemmed flowers.
Bridesmaid on right

The other bridesmaid’s dress also has a square neckline, but there seems to be some kind of stole or shawl of the same fabric over her shoulders and arms. Her dress looks like it is made of a smooth crepe fabric with the slightly gathered skirt in 2 layers. Her large brimmed hat seems to be made of the same fabric as her dress over a wire frame or millinery mesh. She also has a bouquet of large, long-stemmed flowers.

Little Ring Bearer

Little girl ring bearer holding satin pillow with ruffled edge and wearing a hat of stiffened netting with an up-turned brim.
Little girl ring bearer

The little girl ring bearer has a light colored dress with short sleeves and a scooped neckline. Her hat is made out of stiffened netting with an up-turned brim.

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